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Myths and Legends in Perjury of Time

by Randall Derrick

One of the first conflicts during the pre-production was to change perspectives and distance myself from the original place names by creating new location metaphors designed to protect certain sites from looters and robbers. For purposes of realism most of the film was shot on location and that includes the famous “Six Toes” site, "Old Water Set Afire by Lightning" and “Where Water Rushes from the Snakes Mouth.”

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Catalyst as a Driving Force in Perjury of Time

by Rafael Canizares

Fun, exciting, challenging, educational, memorable … These are some of the adjectives that come to mind when looking back at the production period for Perjury of Time. One of the most striking aspects of this experience was the level and atmosphere of camaraderie that cast and crew shared. This was due, in great part, to the spirit of collaboration and equality that Randall, Independent Filmmaker and Director, was able to infuse the coalition he put together with.

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Creating Turtle, Mother Earth

by Ruthie Landelius

When Randall came to me with the opportunity to take part, artistically, in the film, I immediately questioned my ability to do so. Commissions are always fun when you have to consider someone else’s vision along with a ‘date of completion’. After hearing about the project, I was honored to accept Randall’s invitation to create the painting.

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Writing the Soundtrack for Perjury of Time

by Matt Lemburg

When Randall asked me to compose the soundtrack for Perjury of Time I was initially skeptical that I would be able to create a worthy backdrop for such a diverse and interesting film. But I took as inspiration the line from the beginning of the narration which says, "The Llano Estacado can be one hell of a miserable place...." The story is dramatic and heart-breaking.

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Narrative: Giving Soul to Perjury of Time

by Dani Morton

A dream come true: as cliché as that phrase is, it adequately sums up my experience narrating Perjury of Time. I discovered my passion for the voice-over industry in college and have been furiously focusing on my voice-over career since my first day in an audio booth. Despite my training and the wonderful gigs I have managed to land in the past, nothing prepared me for the phenomenal experience I had narrating this film.

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