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Photography Collections of Randall Derrick

      This exclusive photographic collection by Texas landscape photographer Randall Derrick is available only to investors, museums, galleries, libraries and non-profit organizations whose interests reflect the growing concern for conservation on the Great Llano Estacado and southern Plains of Texas.

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Upcoming projects by Randall Derrick

  • Genus Locale: A photographic docomentary about life on the Llano Estacado
  • The John Leverton Shooting: The first murder in Moore County is a film documentary about early settlers and the conflicts they faced in the early days of Panhandle history.
  • Massacre at McDowell Creek: A film documentary about a brutal prehistoric life along the Canadian River in the Texas panhandle.
  • Workspaces: A long term photographic documentary revealling small, traditional craftsmen in the west Texas region.